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Style and Grace Coffee



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Be YOU!  Trinity is a single origin from Bali, inspired by my sister who has traveled the world living as a nomadic entrepreneur.  She finds healing through self reflection and speaks her truth regardless of what others may think. Her honesty has helped others process on their own journeys.  Accepting people just as they are, she has a natural ability to network and connect people in her many social circles.  Her openness to people, nature and the world has opened many unexpected doors to amazing experiences.  It’s easy to limit ourselves, staying inside what’s comfortable; but when we open up to the people, places and experiences the world has to offer, our empathy grows and so does our joy.  Trinity openly embraces these opportunities which have shaped how uniquely dynamic and beautiful she is.


My sister inspires me because she pushes boundaries and has forced me to push my comfort zone, embrace others and broaden who I am as a person.  

Trinity is for all the women who are unapologetically themselves.

Introducing one of our best-selling Trinity single origin coffee from Bali, Indonesia! This organic medium-dark roast is a true treat for your taste buds with its deliciously rich tasting profile of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar.

Trinity is grown by smallholder farmers in the Kintamani region, where the Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor varieties thrive at altitudes of 1200-1600 meters in the fertile volcanic loam soil.

This coffee is hand-picked and meticulously processed using the wet-hulling method, then dried on raised beds under the sun. You'll love sipping on Trinity and feeling like you're transported to the lush landscapes of Bali!

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Customer Reviews

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Ambria Warnell
Recommend to the highest extent

Trinity blend is the most robust and freshest tasting coffee that I have ever had. I am an avid coffee drinker and make espresso every day at home. This blend was very easy to dial into my espresso machine and the crema on the espresso is insane. You can tell how fresh it is with how thick & tan the crema is. I convinced my sister to try some and she ordered the next day. She now raves about it too. I highly recommend this blend!

Quanda Miches
The perfect medium dark roast

Smooth, delicious, and it holds it’s flavor in milk-based espresso drink. Makes a great cup of coffee!